Total Water Management

We provide 100{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} manpower coverage round the clock. Our water plant operation and maintenance service is open 24 hours and for 365 days. Our qualified local operation manager and trained engineers deliver the following scope of work :

    • Day to day operations of data logging, critical parameter trending, analysis of and reporting of water system and distribution loops
    • Day to day Tour of plant, equipment and instruments check for quality followed by inspection and rectification if and where necessary

– Routine maintenance of equipment, consumable replacement and spare parts replacement according to preventive maintenance schedule.

  • Routine instrument calibration and maintenance
  • Process fine-tuning, trouble-shooting with engineering support which includes loop balancing with a view to maintain a smooth, continuous and reliable water supply to production units, together with stable waste water plant operations within discharge limit
  • Day to day PLC/SCADA review with routine maintenance and necessary rectification
  • To ensure that all the critical parameters are within specifications with optimized system performance and water quality
  • All other support for stable platform operations and production of good quality water