About Us


Century Water Systems & Technologies Pte Ltd is an innovative and advanced water treatment engineering firm that specialises in water/waste water purification systems & technologies. From high purity water generation to extremely difficult waste water, we are at the forefront of the industry and command many years worth of expertise. It is through this expertise that we are already producing some of the most efficient systems in the water treatment industry. Already one of the most renowned and respected water treatment companies in our industry, Century Water Systems & Technologies provide one-stop solutions for water systems to a wide ranging selection of discerning specialist clientele worldwide.

Our strengths come from over 20 years experience in the field with over 40 massive water systems across the globe. It is this expertise and our attention to the smallest detail that makes our technologies so renowned and sought-after across the industry. We supply the most advanced technologies drawing upon the vast array of skills that can only come from 20 years hands on experience at a cost effective price.

Whilst Century Water Systems & Technologies is known globally, we are perhaps best known around Asia, in which CWST are extremely revered experts. Our previous and current projects have already gone far to garner a deep rooted respect in our skills and techniques. We are extremely customer focused and will look after a client from the very beginning to the end of the project. We sacrifice profit margins to ensure that we can produce systems that are advanced enough to surpass and expectations that the customer already has whilst still being at a cost effective price.

Our main headquarters is at 290 Yishun Street 22, #02-00, Singapore 760290, and serves as the central hub for water technology solutions within the region. We have expanded our operations and our branch office to Johor Baru in Malaysia.Tianjin Eco-City in China, Customer demand has caused us to expand further into Indonesia, India and Myanmar.


Team Effort: Its the team that does it. We endeavor work collaterally as a team that is committed to achieve company goals.

Customer-Focussed: Every customer is unique. We focus on customer need as the first priority in all ventures

Human Resource: The people working in the company are our key assets. We believe regular motivation and appreciation go a long way in ensuring quality performance<Quality: We consider quality to be the foremost while dealing with customer expectations and will never compromise on delivering the best quality to our customers

Passion for Work: We believe that passion for the products and work is one of the key ingredients for any work well done

Responsibility: To be responsible towards the customer, the Company, the work, the individual and the family and to the society at large

Legally Right: To ensure that all activities are done in compliance with all legal laws and regulations


Protecting public safety, health, and the environment is fundamental to the way we do business at Century Water. We meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and make every effort to set the standard in industry best practices.

Our HS&E organization provides professional leadership through new technologies, sharing of lessons learned, and establishing an effective communicative network. Strict operating guidelines along with compliance responsibilities are reinforced with continuous staff training and accreditation.


Century water is committed to deliver superior and quality service through leading market positions in the water treatment industries with our experience and Knowledge. We are committed with teamwork, attitude, communication and dedication to achieve the satisfaction of each and every client.

We strive to provide the best possible service, quality and benefits to our clients. We are always open to new ideas that will keep us strong competitively and achieve growth and stability.

Our strength comes from knowledge combined with innovative ideas, delivering the best results for our employees, clients and community.