Our Services

We provide 100% coverage for our 24-hour operations staff. Our water plant operations and maintenance services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our qualified local operations managers and highly trained engineers provide the following areas of work:

  • Data records for daily operations, historical curves for key parameters, analysis and reporting of water systems and their distributed circulation systems.
  • Daily factory inspections, equipment and instrument quality checks, inspections and corrections if necessary.
  • According to the preventive maintenance program, routine maintenance of equipment, replacement of consumables and replacement of spare parts.
  • Calibration and maintenance of conventional instruments
  • Process fine-tuning, troubleshooting and engineering support, including the circulatory system, also considers the stability of the wastewater plant operation within the emission limits when maintaining a smooth, continuous and reliable water supply to the production and operation unit.
  • Review and daily maintenance of the daily PLC/SCADA system and necessary corrections.
  • Ensure that all key parameters are within the specified range while ensuring optimized system performance and water quality
  • All other support to ensure stable platform operation and good water quality production

Centre provides professional services including skilled workers and equipment needed to do the following:

  • Multimedia Filter (MMF)/Sand Filter

    Removal and disposal of old media, supply and loading of new media, filter commissioning, flow rate verification and calibration, pressure and quality inspection. Media includes gravel, sand filter, anthracite, etc.

  • Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)

    Removal and disposal of old carbon, supply and loading of new carbon, carbon filter commissioning, filter cleaning, rinsing and backwashing until the desired water quality is achieved.

  • Ion exchange resin bed

    Centre Water experts utilize different types of equipment and tools depending on the current plant conditions and tank structure. We know best about sucking water and mound resin to remove old, new resin loads, chemical conditioning, tank rinsing, rinsing and commissioning until the desired water quality is reached.

With over 20 years of experience in water system maintenance, Centrifes is a qualified supplier of preventive maintenance services for water treatment equipment used in commercial and industrial applications.

Centre's water experts' maintenance plans, equipment testing and checklists will help customers identify weaknesses in their systems early, correct problems early, and keep the system running under reliable conditions for long periods of time.

Our preventive maintenance services help your water treatment equipment perform regular services in the following ways:

  • Annual Service Contract
  • Preventive maintenance service
  • Special services as specified by contract
  • System troubleshooting, debugging and startup

With its expertise in various water and wastewater treatment systems, Suntri is particularly well versed in improving existing/old water treatment systems. It has the following wealth of knowledge:

  • Achieve stable water quality and quantity
  • Process optimization
  • Device performance recovery
  • Space Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Try to minimize disruptions to operations.

Ensure customers the following benefits

  • Achieve stable water quality and quantity
  • Extend equipment life
  • Improve device performance
  • Minimize plant operations and maintenance costs