Our Solutions

Based on the process design, project execution and on-site operation experience of the fab ultra-pure water system in Europe and America for many years, based on the comparison of different water quality, design process and on-site operation results, Centrair designed and designed the ultra-pure water system. The general contracting project sums up its own unique core technology and is always at the forefront of modernization.

Suntri designs, builds and maintains the most demanding ultrapure water systems. Some of the parameters are as follows: total organic carbon (TOC) < 0.5 ppb, resistance > 18.24 mohm. cm, boron < 50 ppt, metal ion < 2-5 ppt, dissolved oxygen < 1 ppb and WCF > 95%.

Sunerray strictly follows the latest specifications of the United States (USP) and the European Union (EU Pharmacopoeia), GMP5 and Chinese Pharmacopoeia, using the most advanced technology in Europe and America, including ultrafiltration membrane pretreatment, UV de-chlorination, anti- The latest technologies such as infiltration (RO), electrodeionization (EDI), UV sterilization, continuous ozone disinfection and multi-effect distillation, all equipment modular design, fully integrated in independent PLC and man-machine interface, to achieve optimal system operation The logic control, fully automated, does not require special guardianship. Design and manufacture pure water purification systems with strict standards and high quality.

Centrair designs, builds, validates and operates pure water/high purity water systems in different configurations and disinfection modes for world-renowned pharmaceutical companies. The effluent conductivity was <0.7us/cm, the number of colonies was <1 cfu/100 ml, and the level of endotoxin was <0.1 EU/ml.Our standard modular pure water/high purity water machine can be used for FAT (factory acceptance test) and SAT (site acceptance test) after delivery to the site.

Sunerray specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of desalination systems, whether it is a turnkey project or a portable modular system for ships or island resorts; whether it is a multi-media filter using traditional processes or an advanced super With filter pretreatment, Century Water can provide customers with optimized design, high quality installation and excellent water quality. We apply many of our design concepts in ultra-pure water systems in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries to desalination systems, including fully automated control systems and optimized control logic to maximize equipment performance and service life, reducing personnel Maintenance and operating costs.

Using a combination of ion exchange and membrane technology, Centrair's systems are designed to ensure that the water used in power generation is of a particular purity. Helps ensure that there is no adverse effect on the use of toxic or contaminated water generated from power generation systems.

We are also specialized in the design and construction of water reuse/recycling systems for condensate polishing in power plants.

How to deal with industrial wastewater is a problem faced by many large manufacturing companies. In the current situation of increasingly strict environmental monitoring, the inability to deal with it cheaply and effectively can mean huge fines, and it can easily make the company end its current business.

With many years of experience in wastewater treatment in the semiconductor, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, Suntri has the technology to efficiently treat wastewater and remove contaminants.

  • Acid neutralization
  • High fluoride wastewater removal and waste management
  • Wastewater Deamination System
  • Removal of heavy metals and recovery of precious metals
  • Membrane bioreactor for COD/BOD removal
  • Advanced oxidation treatment for organic removal and reuse of water
  • Processing of mechanical grinding wastewater and reuse of water

Centrair specializes in engineering solutions and technical consulting services for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and semiconductor industries. Our engineering services include troubleshooting, process fine-tuning, system training, plant optimization and system validation.

In addition, Suntri also conducts technical consultation on current new projects. Leverage years of experience and extensive engineering knowledge to help solve problems and fine tune the system.

Our comprehensive water management services keep your water system from the same successful design, operation and maintenance to the same level of professional engineering. This will make you very reassured.

Our experts fully understand the complexity of all water treatments and they will use all the skills and experience to ensure the most efficient operation of the water system. And when an unforeseen accident occurs, you already have a professional person to solve the problem on the spot.