Super O6 Oxidation

Super O6 Oxidation-Coagulation-Disinfection 3 in 1(zh)


Simple Service Plan

  • You pay…we treat. It’s that easy.
  • Service plans for operation & maintenance.

Small Footprint – High Capacity

  • The O121 SuperO- VI can easily fit into any plant.
  • Treats up to 3 MGD / 11.35 MLD @ 1 ppm dose.

Fully Automated

  • The O121 Super- VI runs 24/7.
  • O121 team will set it and you can forget it.

Low Energy Consumption

  • Only 38 kWh/day run 24 hours/day – similar to U.S. homes

Daily usage.

  • 230VAC/1-Phase/60Hz/30A.

Easy To Implement

  • Automated O121 Super-VI dosing system and feedback

options install into existing plant infrastructure and treatment processes.

Environmentally Friendly Treatment

  • Non-toxic residuals and powerful enough to meet variable process demands.

Remotely Monitored

  • O121 will monitor the SuperO-VI 24/7 to ensure maximum

More Powerful

The relative strength of water treatment chemicals can be measured in volts, similar to an electrical circuit. Scientists compare the reduction – oxidation potential or “redox” potential for different compounds which is a gauge of their ability to gain or donate electrons in a chemical reaction; the higher the redox potential, the more powerful the reaction. O121 SuperO-VI is the most powerful common oxidant/disinfectant for water and waste water treatments. Various redox potentials measured in volts are: SuperO-VI- 2.2, Ozone – 2.08, Hydrogen peroxide – 1.78, Permanganate – 1.68, Hypochlorite – 1.48, Perchlorate – 1.39, Chlorine – 1.36, Dissolved Oxygen – 1.23, Chlorine Dioxide – 0.95.


Drinking Water, Groundwater, Waste water, Sludge, Environmental Remediation, Industrial Treatments for Power, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Ship Ballast.


Disinfection and DBP Reduction; Removal of Metals, Turbidity, and Color; Organics and COD Oxidation; Removal of Phosphorus, Ammonia, and Odor-causing Sulfides.

Game Changing Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment


The O121 SuperO-VI is the first inexpensive reactor to synthesize highest oxidizing potential product on-site in bulk quantities for broad industrial use and is synthesized from NSF® approved, common commodity feedstocks (caustic, bleach, and ferric iron). O121 offers a full line of systems scalable for any size application, that easily retrofit into existing infrastructure with piping and utility connections to a self-contained unit. O121

Monitors ensure regulatory compliance and provide process control feedback.

SuperO-VI chemistry has been studied for decades, but prior manufacturing methods were too expensive, based on a dried, packaged product. O121 unlocked commercial potential by discovering an on-site synthesis method that reduced production steps from 23 to five. By eliminating storage, handling, and transportation overheads, required for a pre- packaged product, O121 cut traditional deployment costs by more than 85{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc}.

The O121SuperO-VI


O121’s Technology Innovations deliver the Lowest


The O121SuperO-VI

Cost Water Treatment:

  • Proven by the EPA for Drinking Water
  • Proven by New Orleans for Wastewater
  • Proven by FDEP for Phosphorus removal
  • Lower Lifecycle Costs than UV or Ozone O121 SuperO-VI is a Powerful and Naturally Green Iron Chemistry. O121 provides advanced water treatment solutions, technical expertise, and superior customer service.

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O121 Super O-VI Applications

Water scarcity, water quality, and treatment costs are the primary drivers in the water treatment industry. Reduced capital expenditures for water infrastructure, maintenance of legacy systems, and technology upgrades have resulted in increased permit violations, fines, pollution, and water quality issues. Stricter treatment regulations, coupled with depleted municipal budgets, are driving regulators and plant operators alike to seek more powerful lower cost technologies, like SuperO-VI to enhance treatment and reduce operating and capital costs.
Buying patterns and treatment requirements differentiate SuperO-VI’s markets and applications. O121

SuperO-VI’s unique capabilities offer cost savings or a treatment advantage for the following applications:

  1. Wastewater disinfection
  2. Odor control (wastewater and sludge)
  3. Wastewater reuse (ASR, wetlands restoration and industrial feed water)
  4. Combined sewer overflows,
  5. Drinking water disinfection,
  6. Elimination of disinfection byproducts (DBPs),
  7. Ballast water treatment (aquatic nuisance species control),
  8. Oil and gas (drill cuttings, NORM, produced waters, hydraulic flow-back [fracking])
  9. Color removal (organic carbon),
  10. Mining (cyanide destruction, metals co-precipitation [As, Pb, Mn, Fe, Zn, radionuclides])
  11. Industrial effluents (organics oxidation, COD, color, odor, and metals removal)
  12. Environmental remediation (phosphorus and nitrogen removal), and
  13. Removal of micro-constituents and deactivation of endocrine disrupting compounds.


The High-Capacity O121- Super O-300 Treats 60 Millions Gallons Per Day

“Nothing else in the world…not all its armies…are as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”

Victor Hugo.



superOVI-2 superOVI-3

O121SuperO VI SYSTEMDIMENSIONS in Feet or MetersCAPACITY in MGD or Mega liters
O121SuperO VI O5(2 x 3.3 x 7.3) or (0.6 x 1 x 2.2)3 or 11.4
O121SuperO VI 50(14 x 6 x 8) or (4.2 x 1.8 x 2.4)12 or 45.5
O121SuperO VI 70(16 x 7 x 8) or (4.8 x 2.1 x 2.4)14.5 or 55
O121SuperO VI 150(18 X 8 X 8) or (5.5 x 2.4 x 2.4)32 or 121
O121SuperO VI 300(44 x 8 x 11) or (13.4 x 2.4 x 3.4)60 or 226