Philips 60m3/h UPW system expansion and 40m3/h waste water reclaim project

Following the success of DI water project of phase 1, CWST continue  with Philips DI system phase 2 expansion, and more importantly, its first ever water reclaim system in this plant. This reclaim system is to reclaim three steam of waste water from Philips production and mechanical users:

1) Rinse Water from Wafer thinning process;
2) RO reject water:
3) AHU/MAU condensate water.

The technology involves latest Ultrafiltration process, special designed anti-fouling RO system and microbial control. The final product water quality is as below:

  • Reclaim Product Conductivity  < 5us/cm out of spec of 15 us/cm
  • TOC < 15ppb out of spec of 50ppb.

This Waste Water Reclaim System was well recognized by PUB (Public Utilities Board) from Singapore and Philips was awarded Golden Medal in Water Efficiency Management Conference on 22nd March, 2013.