Organic Biocatalyst for COD/BOD/Sludge Reduction

Organic Biocatalyst for COD/BOD/Sludge Reduction(zh)

CWST O121— Cutting-edge Biocatalyst for waste water treatment

O121 Products

lowers interfacial tension, which improves wetting and penetration into micropores, that allows to lift contaminants more effectively.

O121 Accelerates Biodegradation

The key mechanism for the biological effect of our product is a mild uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation. The uncoupling effect alters the core metabolism of bacteria, resulting in:

  • Increased biological uptake of organic contaminants
  • Reduced solid sludge volume in wastewater processing
  • Reduction or elimination of malodors
  • 100{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} organic and most environmentally friendly product on the market
  • Certifications and independent test results to support our claims. No Special Safety required

Demonstrated Benefits

  • Over all opex reduction 20{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} to 50{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc}+
  • Electric bill to operate going down by 20{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} to 50{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc}+
  • Improves Water Clarity
  • Reduces Use of Oxidation Chemicals (Chlorine)
  • Enhances Ozone and other Purification Technologies
  • Eliminates the Fouling of Filters and Membranes
  • Breaks Down Organic Binders (Scaling and Mineralization)
  • Substantially Reduces Backwashing and Harmful Waste Byproducts
  • Increased Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Reduces Energy Usage- shorter filter runs
  • Eliminates Floating Grease Build-up, Removes slime layers
  • Reduces the need for coagulation, flocculation, Polymers and Chemicals
  • 30{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} to 150{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} Bio-methane Increase
  • 30{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} to 50{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} Aeration Energy Savings
  • 17{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} to 70{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} Reduction in Sludge
  • 17 – 40{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} Reduction in Polymer
  • 40{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} to 98{0ee2cf1c8ac54e3f1c8d74de45b6c551e533849a89b46c823d6735ffa3b7e4cc} Reduction in BOD
  • Reduction of VOCs, Substantial Odor Elimination or No odor
  • Improves the functioning and reduces the load on Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)
  • Removes highly corrosive H2S gas