How to process industrial waste water is a question that faces a great many manufacturing companies. The production of waste water cannot be helped as it is a byproduct of the techniques used. But dealing with it is an issue. Being unable to deal with it cheaply and efficiently could mean large fines being levied upon the company which could easily end a business in this current climate. Century water systems & technologies use a number of methods to effectively treat waste water and remove the contaminants from it.

CWST has designed, built and maintained many waste water treatment systems in Semiconductor, Food & Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries etc.

We serve all the following areas:

  • AWN (acid Waste Neutralization)
  • Fluoride Removal treatment system and waste management
  • Ammonium Removal system
  • Heavy metal removal and precious metal recovery
  • MBR (Membrane Bio-reactor) for COD/BOD reduction
  • AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) on TOC reduction and water reclaim
  • Grinding/CMP waste treatment and water reclaim